Perform the most effective crunches possible no matter what your level of fitness! 

The new Variable Resistance Crunch Station from Body-Solid works your abs to perfection by allowing you to increase or decrease resistance with weight plates.

Having trouble finishing a set of crunches using your own weight as resistance Simply add weight to the plate holder near the head of the machine. Have you reached a plateau in your ab development? Add resistance with weight on the plate holder at the foot of the machine.


Incredibly effective in isolating the entire abdominal region

Exclusive upper back and reverse crunch technology

Exceptional upper back and head support maintain proper body alignment

Provides maximum user comfort by positioning and stabilizing the lower back

Resistance is fully adjustable To increase resistance add weight plates to plate holder near feet. To decrease resistance add weight plates to plate holder near head.


Body - Solid AB Machine

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Color: GREY

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