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Hex Dumbbells Set With Stand Designed and built with durability in mind, these HEX dumbbells are a fantastic and unique addition to add to your home gym set. They are an all-body conditioning tool – to assist in building strength, size, and definition, as well as isolating your muscles.

The hexagonal shape prevents the weights from running away from you during a workout, 

A sturdy outer rubber coating provides durability as well as protection against the floor and noise levels.

The Knurled grip handle provides maximum grip without compromising comfort. 

Whether you are new to weight training or a seasoned pro, these weights look great and feel amazing.

Our HyGYM Hex Dumbbells come complete with a solid space-saving A-frame stand (Holds 6 pairs) making it easier for you to store weights in your home gym or any other location taking up minimal space.

Hex Dumbbells with Rack

SKU: 5853
Color: BLACK
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