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-Convenient to carry, training at any time: This suit is one of the most worthy fitness equipment to carry with you. It is light and mini, and has various uses, so that the body can be effectively trained in all directions.

-Premium quality loop resistance bands: Latex material, comfortable and durable, ensuring the flexibility and toughness of the product, and the stretching ratio can be up to 3 times the original length, giving the muscles more stimulation and exercising more effectively.

-Function: Persistence in using this product on time will make your arm more shape, tighten the back line, get you full body training, improve temperament, and it is a cost-effective fitness equipment.

-For use on: Can Losing weight,rehabilitating from sports injuries,suitable for both men and women.

-Easy to use: no limit to the venue, ready to exercise, easy to use.

Sports Group Mini Latex Ring 60x0.45x3.8cm (Black)

SKU: 5334

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