The design concept of Steelflex is focus on overcome the inquiry of easily and safely used by consumers. The design makes effort in developing and producing safe and easy usage for users

Steelflex Home Treadmil XT3300

SKU: 2104
Color: GREY
  • .Console: 

    4-Window LED Display


    Total Programs(5) /Manual(1)/Cardio(1) /Endurance(1) / Fat Bum(1) /Interval(1)

    .Console Feedback: 

    Distance, Speed, Time, Calories, Heart Rate, Elevation

    .Running Area: 

    130 x 45 cm (51 x 18)


    0% ~ 12% 400lbs(182kg) Thrust Motor


    0.8~16 KPH (0.5~10MPH)


    2.2 HP Continuous Duty (DC Motor)

    .Motor control: 

    PWM System


    3/4 (18mm)


    SDS System


    2-Ply Urethane High Density Conductivity


    Precision mode 2.5(60mm) With Large O.D.Bearings

    .Belt Tracking: 



    Heavy Gauge Steel Welded Frame

    .Floor Space: 

    168 x 81 cm (66 x32)

    .Max. User Weight: 

    275Lbs (120Kg)

    .Contact & Wireless HR: 

    Yes(Wireless optional)

    .Power Requirement: 


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